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Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care

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The Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care is a 120 credit OfQual regulated qualification having 4 mandatory units worth 65 credits and a further 4 optional unit totalling 120 credits.

By completing this qualification, learners will gain skills that enable them to work alongside other health and social care professionals to achieve organisational objectives.

This diploma introduces a range of topics relevant to employment in healthcare and health science. Learners will gain an extensive skillset for both care and managing, ensuring that they are able to fulfil a managerial level role.

Smaller 60 credit qualification is also offered, please click the link health and social care in the Diploma menu to view all available options or search by typing Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social care to view your option.

Qualification structure

The Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care consists of the 4 mandatory units totalling 65 credits and at least 4 optional units totalling 120 credits.

Key facts about Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care

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Why Online?

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Who is this course for?

Learners who are seeking to progress to higher education to take a Bachelor’s degree course in Management. Learners could also progress directly to employment.

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    The programme is available in 2 duration modes:

    Course Delivery


    Entry Requirements

    The Learners must possess: ● Relevant NQF/QCF/RQF Level 4 Award/Diploma or at the level of GCE/GCSE or equivalent qualification
    ● Mature learners with management 3 years of work experience in case of no formal qualification
    ● Learner must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the course

    Course Content

    Mandatory Units
    ● Facilitating change in health and social care
    ● Managing communication
    ● People management
    ● Research Project

    Optional Units
    ● Leading practice in health and social care
    ● Working with multi-disciplinary teams
    ● Management of safeguarding for health and social care
    ● Corporate Social Responsibility
    ● Resource Management
    ● Management of Activity Provision
    ● Finance For Managers
    ● Planning a New Business Venture
    ● Managing Stakeholder Engagement
    ● Leading Organisational Equality and Diversity
    ● Managing Finance in the Public Sector
    ● Manage Sustainability in an Organisation
    ● Managing Quality in Health and Social Care
    ● Empowering Users of Health and Social Care Services
    ● Health and safety in the health and social care workplace
    ● Employability Skills
    ● Personal and professional development


    Assessment is via assignment submission


    ATHE, UK – an Awarding body by the UK Government’s regulator – OfQual.

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