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Level 2 Diploma in Business Beginners in Cyber Security

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The qualification has been created to develop those learners who are looking to choose, or already have chosen, a career in a business-related sector but require basic knowledge and competences in the field of Cyber Security (which includes sub-disciplines of compliance, digital media risk management, security risk management, to name a few) without undertaking any technical level of proficiency.

Learning Outcomes

● The ability to read and use appropriate literature with a full understanding; the ability to think independently and solve problems.
●Applying subject knowledge and understanding to address familiar and unfamiliar problems.
●Recognising the moral and ethical issues of business practice and research; appreciating the need for ethical standards and professional codes of conduct.
●An appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of business and service provision.
●Capacity to give a clear and accurate account of a subject, in a mature way and engage in debate and dialogue both with specialists and non-specialists.
●Transferable skills and knowledge which will enable individuals to meet changing environments and risks.

Qualification structure

Level 2 Diploma in Business Beginners in Cyber Security consists of 5 mandatory units (15 credits each) for a combined total of 60 credits.

Key facts about Level 2 Diploma in Business Beginners in Cyber Security

  • 100% Online: Study online with the UK’s leading online course provider.
  • Global programme: Study anytime, anywhere using your laptop, phone or a tablet.
  • Study material: Comprehensive study material and e-library support available at no additional cost.
  • Payment plans: Interest free monthly, quarterly and half yearly payment plans available for all courses.

Why Online?

  • Cost effective – Typically UK Diploma/Certificate  starts from GBP £3000 per annum, but with online study, you can enjoy saving more than 60% on your educational investment.
  • Practical Content – The coursework is immediately applicable to the careers, and you can earn long-term gains including increase in salary and promotions
  • Study anytime, anywhere – You don’t have to attend a College campus, so you can study from anywhere in the world. You can download & submit assignments.
  • Assessments – Assessment is via assignment submission

Who is this course for?

Learners who are seeking to progress to higher education to take a Bachelor’s degree course in Management. Learners could also progress directly to employment.

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    100 in stock

    Pay in Full Pay with Payment Plans


    The programme is available in 2 duration modes:

    Course Delivery


    Entry Requirements

    This qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 or above who wish to progress into further education or the workplace.

    Course Content

    Mandatory units
    ● Cyber Security: What is ‘Hacking’?
    ● Cyber Attack Methods
    ● Computer and Data Use : Laws and Regulations
    ● Mobile Device and Data: Security Issues and Risks
    ● Cyber Security Solutions


    Assessment is via assignment submission


    Qualifi, UK – an Awarding body by the UK Government’s regulator – OfQual.

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