What can I do with a degree in law?

What can I do with a degree in law?

Many students choose a law degree because they are enthusiastic about improving the world, whether via fighting for justice or defending individuals who have been wrongfully accused. The law is complicated in that it touches every aspect of our society, yet it is also an enthralling subject to study.

While those considering pursuing a law degree may be confident they want to be lawyers, earning a law degree opens many more avenues, which is why it is critical to explore the following potential future law careers:

– Solicitor

– Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

– Affidavit of Conveyance

– Usher in the Courtroom

– Assisting the Judge

– Licensed Cashier

– Legal Assistant

– Legal assistant

– Probate Attorney

– Analyst

– Attorney

Numerous law graduates choose other occupations in finance, marketing, and human resources. Fortunately, the skills acquired while pursuing a law degree are completely transferrable; for example, problem-solving, communication, analytical, and self-management abilities are all sought after by employers.

Another possibility for many law graduates is to continue their education. Around 30% of students who complete their Bachelor’s degrees continue their education by pursuing a Master’s degree in law.

Prior to graduation, gaining experience in these law occupations might be an excellent strategy to increase your employability. You can either conduct an internet search for law positions or complete a mini-pupillage, which entails shadowing in a group of chambers. Marshalling is another way to obtain experience; in these positions, you will shadow a Judge.

Making a choice

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