What Motivates You to Pursue a Career in Corporate Finance? Corporate finance – what is it?

What Motivates You to Pursue a Career in Corporate Finance? Corporate finance – what is it?

Corporate finance is concerned with the financial activities that are necessary for the operation of a firm and is primarily focused on maximising shareholder value. A profession in corporate finance enables you to be at the heart of how a firm runs; it is the process by which businesses finance their formation, expansion, acquisition, and disposition of businesses.

A corporate finance professional is primarily responsible for managing an organization’s money, and you may be involved in a variety of activities, including capital raising (either through securing a loan from an investment bank, restructuring the business, or securing financial backing through another platform, such as crowd-funding), mergers and acquisitions, changes in ownership, and other activities. Corporate finance is an intriguing career path; it is forward-thinking, proactive, strategic, entrepreneurial, and frequently multinational in scope.
Who works in corporate finance?
If you enjoy working with numbers and possess excellent analytical abilities, corporate finance may be a good fit. Individuals that are good problem solvers and have a keen eye for detail do well in this field.

Along with technical competence, you should have a grasp of and natural interest in business; a strong commercial awareness, which includes staying current with industry news and trends through business journals; and some people even invest themselves. Additionally, you will be a natural communicator, enjoy meeting new people, and possess an innate ability for bargaining.

What education and experience do I require to work in corporate finance?
While there is no specific qualification required to work in corporate finance, there are some qualifications and courses that will position you well and equip you with the foundations essential to grasp the fundamentals. Depending on your job goals, you should have studied accounting & finance or economics.
Roles vary by firm and team; typically, you will work in transaction support or M&A/lead advisory. Certain organisations offer a hybrid position that allows for the development of a diverse skill set at an early stage.

Where might I find work?
Because corporate finance is so ingrained in company and encompasses such a broad variety of responsibilities, the potential are truly limitless. Many people opt to qualify and then work as an advisor in an accounting firm or in professional services firms, investment banks, brokerage firms, independent advice firms, or within a corporation.

Making a choice

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