Why should you get a business degree?

Why should you get a business degree?

Should I pursue a career in business? It is an issue that many students face when deciding on a degree, as well as professionals at various stages of their careers. Selecting a major and continuing graduate study are significant commitments that should not be taken lightly. They demand you to take a step back and consider who you are, your current situation, and your future ambitions.

With industries like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, big data, and genomics on the verge of revolutionising the world, technology should be on your radar now more than ever.

A business degree may not appear to be the logical choice for a job in technology at first glance, yet nothing could be farther from the reality. To succeed in the computer sector, more than technical prowess is required. You must be equally as adept at business acumen or risk being left behind.

The personal and professional benefits of a business education are immeasurable, as are the opportunities that it can open up for you. If you’re considering business school but are unsure whether it’s the right path for you, here are five reasons to study business if you’re considering a career in technology:

The ability to obtain vital experience early on – the undergraduate business degree is unusual in that it allows students to begin working in industry immediately following their second year.

Between my second and final years at Birmingham Business School, I received an opportunity to join Microsoft. I then worked at eBay and Google and had already accepted an offer to join Microsoft before to graduation. Few universities will allow you to work in the real world before you have completed your studies. It will undoubtedly distinguish you in the job market from the other applicants who have recently graduated but may lack experience.

Accelerate your career by studying topics very relevant to the technology industry in depth, such as negotiation and contracts, corporate law, marketing communications and consumer behaviour, finance and economics, and entrepreneurship, to mention a few. Additionally, you can customise your degree by selecting courses in areas of interest, all while having access to some of the brightest and most renowned professors in business academia.

Develop as a problem solver and lifelong learner — Strategic management teaches you a variety of critical ideas and frameworks for resolving complicated strategic problems that you may encounter while interacting with clients, consumers, and partners. Additionally, you will be taught to be data-driven through business analytics programmes, where you will learn to absorb massive amounts of information under time constraints and filter out what is irrelevant.

Develop as a leader – The vision of LSIB  is to foster curiosity and thought leadership in support of responsible business. You are taught the value of business ethics in order to develop into a responsible leader. Additionally, group projects enable you to experience with various leadership and managerial styles by teaching you how to successfully communicate, persuade, and influence.

You develop a lifelong and worldwide network – LSIB has a global view of business and is very international, providing you with the opportunity to be exposed to varied perspectives and learn from the ideas and experiences of each student. You will eventually graduate from business school with a global network and membership in an alumni group that is always willing to assist and support you in your professional and personal endeavours.

Making a choice

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