Interested in a Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Interested in a Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Interested in a Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

To be honest, supply chain management is a very broad field with a wide variety of work opportunities.

There is no one-size-fits-all job path—your career can lead you almost anyplace.

Due to the breadth of potential logistics and supply chain occupations, it is best to categorise them as follows: planning, manufacturing, sourcing, and delivery.

Demand Planner: Someone who forecasts future demand for a company’s products.


Capacity Planner: A position that primarily entails optimising a company’s production capacity.

Load Planner: This position is responsible for supervising the loading of customer orders into trucks and also for planning transportation routes.


A supply chain planner is a manager whose primary function is to analyse the performance of a company’s supply chain.


 Manufacturing offers numerous supply chain opportunities. They include the following:

 Maintenance Supervisor, Manager, or Operational Purchasing Manager

Engineer \sPlanning


If you have a knack for planning, you may like to pursue one of the following roles:

Production Scheduler: You would be in charge of your company’s production in this position.

Production Planner Warehouse Manager Quality Manager Production Manager, Supervisor, or Operative


 You will be responsible for contracting with suppliers and ensuring that acquired materials or components are delivered to the production division.

The following are the types of occupations that are accessible in this sector:

Buyer Strategic Sourcing Manager Commodities Manager Procurement Specialist/Manager Purchasing & Inventory Clerk Category Manager Delivery

 This is the logistics management sector, which is responsible for the transportation of resources, information, and goods.

The following are just a few of the fascinating career opportunities available in logistics and transportation:

Administrator of Logistics

Manager of Logistics

Transportation Administrator Transportation Manager Reverse Logistics Administrator Warehouse Administrator Inventory Controller Warehouse Manager Logistics Director

Apart from the planning and operational occupations described previously, the supply chain business offers a plethora of other intriguing prospects for graduates.

While these are outside the scope of this small article, a little web investigation will reveal a plethora of opportunities.

 My primary advise to you is to consider one or more of the jobs described above if you are serious about a career in logistics/supply chain. Each of these will get you a foot in the door—and from there, your career path is entirely up to you.

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