Five Reasons Why Getting a Master’s in Project Management Is a Good Investment

Five Reasons Why Getting a Master’s in Project Management Is a Good Investment

Developing a particular set of abilities is required to advance your project management profession. Effective project managers must be able to manage a diverse workforce, interact with senior management, and keep project plans on track—all while working in an increasingly digitised and automated world.

 Getting certification from an organisation is a key step in proving expertise and earning a promotion or raise for mid-career project management professionals. However, in today’s highly competitive employment market, certification may not be enough to set you apart. That is why obtaining a master’s degree in project management is critical for anyone looking to advance their career.


What Are the Project Manager’s Responsibilities?

 According to Christopher Bolick, lead faculty for Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Project Management programme, “a project manager takes a project and drives it through an organisation, helping the business achieve the project goals put forth by senior leadership.”

 According to him, a project manager’s key responsibilities are to oversee the five stages of the project life cycle, which include:

 Getting Started: Define the project’s major objectives and scope, identify important stakeholders, discuss overall expectations, and get approval to proceed forward.

 Planning: To manage components such as scope, cost, timeframes, risk, quality, and communication, create an integrated project plan based on project goals.

 Execution: Complete the task according to the schedule and address any issues that emerge.

 Monitoring and Controlling: Compare actual performance to projected performance throughout the project and alter project plans as needed.

 Closing: Unused resources are released, contracts are closed, payments are paid, project data are archived, and a post-implementation review is led.

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