What qualifications do I require to become an accountant?

What qualifications do I require to become an accountant?

While having a strong mathematical background is advantageous, accountants now play a significant role in driving business choices across the board – not only in reporting financial facts. If you’re unsure whether you’re a good fit for this career, the following list highlights some of the main talents you’ll need:


Numeracy abilities – while proficiency in mathematics is a plus, it is not required.

Accountants cannot afford to gloss over the truth. Errors, too, can have a significant influence, both short and long term.

 A great interest in business mechanics.

 Communication abilities – as you may frequently be required to clarify potentially complex facts to your clients.

 Organization – a large part of this profession is maintaining accurate records, and as such, you will need to ensure that everything is in order, that tasks are prioritised, and that you stay on top of everything.


Finally, some technological abilities are advantageous. AI advancements and cloud technology advancements are two significant advances to the profession in recent years that may result in less time being spent on more monotonous data input activities in the future. This is expected to mean that accountants will place a greater emphasis on client interactions and overall business planning in their roles.

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