Why should you pursue a career in business management?

Why should you pursue a career in business management?

Take a look at our top five reasons for studying business management below. 

1. Recruitability

Our first reason for studying Business Management is the excellent employment prospects you will have both during and after your degree. According to Graduate Outcomes data, approximately 85 percent of business and administrative studies graduates are employed full-time.

As a student of business management, you will develop transferable skills and business acumen, which employers typically seek in job candidates. LSBA is committed to assisting all of our students in becoming career-ready before they graduate and enter the workforce.

2. Salary

A competitive salary is always desirable, which is why you’ll be pleased to learn that Business and Administration is one of the highest-paid industries.

3. Acquaint yourself with a variety of business sectors

As part of a Business Management degree, you’ll study all facets of business, including finance, marketing, operations, and leadership, and you’ll even plan to start your own business during your first year! As a result, you will graduate as a well-rounded student with expertise in a variety of business disciplines.

4. Strengthen Fundamental Skills

Regardless of the industry you choose, you will be working for a business, and thus Business Management will provide you with fundamental, transferrable skills that will prepare you for life.

Making a choice
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